Vivica Fox Needs To Stop Playing.

02.03.09 9 years ago 28 Comments

Words By Thembi

Vivica Fox has been getting a bad rap for the last few years with a career in decline and a facial structure that defies the laws of both plastic surgery and physics. She has to keep that loot coming in for regular touch ups, and I suspect that her pride won’t let her play the momma of anyone over the age of twelve. But I’d rather star in the Broadway revival of the Rosa Parks story than endorse the New Psychic Friends Network. Schilling psychic services is as low as it gets because, logically speaking, if she’s really got psychics on her team, why didn’t they predict that her career would soon be heading down the toilet and let her take up a respectable trade as a heating and cooling technician, beautician or at least double up on the mutual funds instead of continuing to play herself with public appearances like this…


With an “Mmm Hmm” at that, the texture of her skin frightens me to the core of my being. She’s had some lapses in judgment – dating 50 Cent and whatever it is she did to her breasts – but you know Viv is at dire straits when she takes on such a nonsensical gig, right alongside psychic Christian Dion.

Christian Dion don’t look like nothin’ nice. Just to review:

I didn’t say anything yesterday when the news broke because endorsements can bring in some big money and times are tough! For anyone who is reading, in case I do become famous someday, I am more than open to doing any endorsement that pays me right. I will fellate Pudding Pops® in a way that will put Bill Cosby out of business if you break me off with some of that Bill Cosby money. I can’t hate on Viv’s hustle.

But now that the reality of how low her career has slumped has smacked her in the face (read: been splashed all over the internets), Ms. Fox is claiming that The Psychic Friends are “using her unauthorized likeness, footage, voice and photographs as an endorsement of their service.”

I’m sorry but, if you watch the video it’s clear that she’s participating at will. I suspect that by “unauthorized” she means that she didn’t get paid like she thought she would (unless of course, she was having a casual conversation with her friends about how great the Psychic Friends Network is, Christian Dion had a premonition, and decided to show up at her crib with a video camera). What do y’all think is really going on?

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