Ratings For The 2014 MTV VMAs Are Out And It Looks Like Even Beyonce Couldn’t Get You To Care

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08.26.14 34 Comments

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In the immortal words of Whitney Houston, SHOW ME THE RECEIPTS! I need proof of what’s being reported. Proof that Beyonce — Queen Mother of Eternal Life and Destroyer of Mediocrity — didn’t captivate all of America with her epic 15-minute performance at the 2014 MTV VMAs Sunday night.

Going by the ratings, Sunday’s show averaged 8.3 million viewers, down a shocking 19-20% drop in viewership compared to last year’s show which featured a twerking Miley Cyrus and a 15-minute Justin Timberlake set. The numbers are so abysmal that the Beyonce-centric show ranks as the second lowest rated VMA in the past seven years.

I blame Miley. People have been scarred for life from the singer’s disastrous 2013 VMA performance and now MTV may never bounce back. If Beyonce — Supreme Being and Bringer of Life — can’t save it, no one can.


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