Vybz Kartel x Clarks

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I remember once trying to explain to a fellow TSS staffer that Clarks were not limited to prep school kids. They transcend ethnicity, dictated by the wearer’s style. Maybe now this friend who shall remain nameless will abandon that belief once he finds out that Jamaican rudeboys are loyal to them too.

Sales of the British shoe brand Clarks rocketed in Jamaica after a popular rap artist sang about them. Vybz Kartel wrote a number of songs about his passion for the footwear, sparking a rise in prices and thefts from shops, reported Sky News.

The singer’s first shoe-themed single, “Clarks” featured his favorite styles on its cover – Wallabees, Desert Boots and Desert Treks – and included the line, “Everybody haffi ask weh mi get mi Clarks.”

He since released two follow-up singles – “Clarks Again” and “Clarks 3.”

Describing the shoe brand, Kartel said: “It’s as Jamaican as ackee and saltfish and roast breadfruit. Policemen wear it, gangsters wear it. Big men wear it to their work. Schoolchildren wear it to school.”

Of course, Vybz says he hasn’t received any dough for his staunch support. I understand his plight because Asics hasn’t sent me shit for continuing to make their shoes cool to Black folks. Not that I care. I’m holding out for Kool to offer me a sponsorship deal.

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