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We haven’t been shy about declaring our support and love for all things Wafeek, but giving him the benefit of the doubt on an Auto-Tune project centered around a girlfriend break up…well let’s just say if Mr. West can’t get full support, no one can. Doubts can be put aside however. The confusing yet intoxicating Feekee & the Flux Capacitor is one of the few projects to use the sounds created by Auto-Tune to widen the range of emotions within the music. Oh and there’s plenty of the tongue-twisting, cackle-inducing rhymes from Wafeek we’ve come to expect.

As Back to the Future viewers should know, the Flux Capacitor is a method of time travel, and Feek and backing band the Flux takes us on a journey throughout his life and his relationship. There’s plenty of dirty laundry to be aired, and Wafeek pulls no punches. The best tracks bristle with anger and bitterness. On “Committed,” Feek comes clean about past infidelities that may have started the downward spiral he finds himself in, while brutally detailing his girlfriend cheating on him. The rage seethes through the speakers as he takes his revenge: “Some carpe diem/Got me to creepin with my ex-girl/Yes is all she said/She’ll pick a nigga up and she’ll give a nigga head /Right there in the whip no questions asked/ But you, a brother must finesse your ass.”

Wafeek – “My Friends” Video (Directed By Marc Kharrat)

Feek saves the worst criticisms for himself. On the ridiculous “Amazin,” Feek flips Kanye’s self-flagellation into an uncomfortable personal hatchet job. Very few MCs would be willing to commit the line “…And then I came to quick, cause I’m a bitch.” to wax, let alone share it with other people. Even on the sublime “Paranoid,” where Rockwell Knuckles attempts to console Wafeek on losing his “poonanny provider,” and get back on the horse, Feek’s having none of it, instead caught in the funk of his own loss: “Really the problem is/I’m a serial monogamist/I need a woman to argue with/And agree/A partner to bring out the best in me.”

Many of the songs sample 808’s & Heartbreaks beats, appropriate for an album dedicated to Auto-Tune. There’s also a weird mix of The Beatles and Marvin Gaye samples, to go with a splash of DJ Shadow. The lack of new tracks will limit the originality of the project for some because you have to work extra hard to give the songs a chance by breaking your own familiarity with the melodies and beats.

But even the use of customary tracks can’t stop Wafeek from seizing control of the songs and making them his own. He turns Auto-Tune into a strength, as an instrument that accentuates rather than dominates. “War of the Roses,” exemplifies this, a word here a syllable there is altered, but the melody never loses its inherent musicality. And the personal dimension of the songs helps them come to life on their own.

Auto-Tune may only have a few months to live before Hova finishes killing it. But if we are at the end of an unfortunate era, Feekee & the Flux Capacitor will remind us that it wasn’t all bad. And if Wafeek can continue to innovate while maintaining his lyrical ferocity, we’ll be hearing from him for a while.

Download — Wafeek – Feekee & The Flux Capacitor

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