“Wait, You Can Rap?!?!”

06.18.08 9 years ago 14 Comments

The homie 6th shot me this the other week & I was lunchin’ on it…

“Peeped that Stringer quote. That’s crazy, cause one of the artists on Notherground Music, Jelani, got that quote on his intro. We recorded that joint months ago. We’re in mixing mode of the album, Wait, You Can Rap?!?!, right now. He’s the son of Dapper Dan (yes) and he’s a fuckin beast.”

True indeed.

Jelani’s got one of the most distinctive young voices I’ve heard in a while and it’s like bananas & peanut butter when you mix him with 6th’s beats (listen to “The Proposal” & tell me different). And descending from Dapper Dan’s bloodline, kid has to be fresh.

Jelani – Wait, You Can Rap?!?! (Intro) (Prod. by 6th Sense)

Jelani Feat. 6th Sense & Wildabeast – The Proposal

Wait, You Can Rap?!?! the album, coming soon, for free.99.


Take a listen to 6th on his snoozed on mixtape with Mick Boogie.

6th Sense & Mick Boogie – Go For It

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