Prayers Have Been Answered: Waka Flocka May Be Getting His Own Adult Swim Cartoon

05.12.13 4 years ago 11 Comments

Look at God. Remember Waka’s animated adventure back in time to discuss how his grandma punished him as a child? And remember how we all laughed and said there needed to be more installments? Well, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim may be down to bring this dream to fruition.

Waka recently attended the “Garden Of Dreams” talent show in NYC and took a few moments on the red carpet to talk all things Flocka and Flocka’s business. Gucci’s former homie in the process of opening an YMCA in his hood and getting his own nonprofit business off the ground. And if it seems buddy has lost an interest in Hip-Hop since 2010’s impressive debut Flockaveli,* there’s a reason for that – he’s not even a fan of the music.

But the cartoon? Well, according to Waka, something could be on the way soon. My only hope is his grandma is included in some capacity and that he does the voice for Lil’ Waka. Other than that, here’s to Adult Swim giving him free reign because the guy obviously has a great sense of humor that goes over well.

And since we’re on the topic of rappers, cartoons and Adult Swim, however, hopefully Freddie Gibbs is up next.

* – Did I miss Flockaveli 2 or was this reporter fed the wrong info?

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