Amanda Bynes, Brick Squaaaad Monopoly First Lady? “Yes,” Says Waka

Life Writer
06.21.13 16 Comments

Apparently, all that trolling Amanda Bynes has been doing is for a reason: To get signed to Waka Flocka’s Brick Squaaaad Monopoly. Because damnit folks, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Waka informed TMZ that he’s working on a record deal with Drake’s on-again-off-again stalker. Though papers haven’t been signed, Waka says the deal is pretty much done. Flockaveli also went on to say that he’ll be producing the budding rapstress’ album – entitled Shots *facepalm* – and will even appear on many of its tracks. Words like “legendary” and “kill the game” were also used to describe the *cringes* upcoming project.

As for her sanity, the BSM founder assures us that she’s “cool” and “keeping her head up from the haters.” Right.

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