Waka Flocka Non-Stoppa

02.17.10 8 years ago 51 Comments

Remember when DMX releasing two albums in 1998 seemed unfathomable? Well, welcome to 2010, where double-digit amounts of releases per year are mandatory and ham is an adjective.

Well, if you’re Waka Flocka Flame, that is.

Apparently, Brick Squad’s prince of the trap is gunning to capitalize on his bullet wounds by releasing 20 albums by year’s end. Yes, you read it correctly. Twen-ty. As in 2 x 10, or 1 + 19. It sounds crazy, because it is. Especially considering Fifty drew up the blueprint for exploiting getting got, and Waka’s year-end-goal winds up being two more releases than Curtis has put out…over his entire career. I know Waka is trying to change the game like every other rapper, but damn son. Twenty albums might as well be 40, which might as well be five. Because when all you do is rap about what you’ve got, cooking up dope, getting shot and killing people, your shit sounds stepped on at a certain point. Ya dig me?

In related news, pigs are flying out of ATL, moving soft across Georgia state lines and smoking Newport 100s.

Waka Flocka Flames To Release 20 Albums By 2011 [RGF]

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