Waka Flocka Got Shot

01.19.10 8 years ago 79 Comments

The future of the South was in jeopardy for hot second. Now a botched robbery just added fuel to the Flame.

As Karen Civil reports, he had a brush with death but opted to get himself some Band-Aids and iodine instead. Waka Flocka asked shawty what the fuck he want. They hit him with the chopper and called that shit hot lava.

While stopping at a gas station off Old National Highway in Atlanta, Flocka was approached by unknown men at gunpoint and was told to hand over his chain. After refusing to give up his jewelry, the suspects fired shots in the direction of Waka Flocka hitting him twice. [Via]

Miss Info Tweeted he just got hit in the arm/shoulder and isn’t even in critical condition.

Somewhere in a fancy penthouse suite, 50 Cent is flashing a big-toothed grin. He knows first hand the incredible effects this has on a rap career. If you thought the tough talkin’, wild man act was a bit a much, brace yourself for the Waka Flocka takeover in Twenty Ten. More druuuug dealin’ music on the way.


Waka Flocka Shot Twice In Robbery Attempt [Karen Civil]

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