Waka Flocka Explains The Whole Fallout With Gucci Mane

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Three sides to every story always exist – person A’s, person B’s and what really happened. In this case, Waka Flocka’s visit to The Breakfast Club on Monday was more than revealing. Take these five thoughts before diving in for yourself.

1. Many have this image in their head of Waka as someone who fails to speak eloquently for himself. It’s actually the exact opposite. Flocka is engaging, personable, endearing, funny and, most importantly, relatable for the entire interview (as we’ve known for awhile).

2. He loves Europe. I mean, the guy is absolutely infatuated with Europe largely because the abundance of money to be made overseas and the fans go absolutely apeshit for him.

3. Obviously, the most anticipated portion comes when the topic of Gucci is addressed. Waka goes about as in-depth as possible without revealing too much information on air. According to Waka, he and Gucci haven’t been cool in quite some time. Before he became a star, he allowed a lot of Gucci’s shadiness to slide – like how Guwop allegedly deleted Waka’s verse off the song that eventually became the crossover mega-hit “Wasted” – yet as time went along he began to see what others had warned him about in regards to Gucci’s business and personal practices.

Eventually, tensions rose to the point where both ceased communication with one another. Also, according to Waka, Gucci “ain’t got no house, he live in the studio,” claims his image as a “killer” is vastly overblown, Waka’s contract is what’s keeping Gucci paid for the most part and Wop’s in serious need of medical treatment. The thing is, Flocka’s claims may be exaggerated to an extent, but by how much is the real question. It’s not as if Gucci’s actions for the better part of 2013 and beyond haven’t been a flammable combination of pleas for attention and off-kilter looniness, even for a rapper.

4. Waka’s been on a health kick lately, mainly stemming from Europe not having a lot of clothes to fit him.

5. Waka having sex with Nicki is a lie. He would’ve spun that to his advantage long ago if it was true.

That’s not even tipping the iceberg. If there is one topic Charlamagne, Yee and Envy forgot to touch on, however, it was the status of Flocka’s cartoon which needed to be on TV a month ago. Aside from that, consider it more than worth the time and something to let play in the background while responding to those Tuesday morning work e-mails.

Update: Original video got deaded on YouTube so here’s a second version.

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