Waka Flocka Thinks Gucci’s Hate Comes from “Jealousy” and “Envy”

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05.01.13 17 Comments

We may never know what stemmed the split between rap’s Mario & Luigi but Waka Flocka thinks it may have something to do with his former friend being afflicted with a case of jealousy. In an interview with The Combat Jack Show, Waka spoke a little about he and Gucci Mane’s past and present relationship.

On Gucci being his mentor:

“Mentor? Ain’t no men… like, you can say it, I ain’t gon’ go against it. But I feel like nobody helped me do sh*t. Not my mama. Not Gucci. My first album, Gucci ain’t even on it. Period. My second album, he ain’t on it. I put all my music together. Got all my producers. This sh*t Waka.”

On the split:

“I don’t know…that secret feeling that every man got. From my personal opinion, it gotta be jealousy, envy or something. I don’t know ’cause I ain’t lookin’ for no answers ’cause once you say it, it’s done. Then I heard he said his Twitter got hacked. I guess God hacked it.”

Check out the interview below if you want to know more about Waka’s rise from Nicki Minaj’s bag carrier to beloved rap star.

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