Waka Flocka Goes On Trial With “Stereotype” Video

01.04.12 6 years ago 4 Comments

“Brother dead, daddy dead, Auntie got HIV/Lord, can you please get this rage out of me?/Started popping pills cause of shit that I’ve seen…”

Because Flocka is shunned upon for his image, music and what people feel he represents, that opening line from the record “Stereotype” was likely never heard. That said, regardless of who he is and what type of music he makes, the fact still remains that it was undoubtedly one of my favorite opening lines from any song in 2011. Mama Deb’s pride and joy used the song as the third installment of his “Streets Most Wanted” mini-series. Maybe he planned this, but then again maybe he didn’t (no Drake hook), Waka’s role in the visual in an orange jumpsuit fighting for his freedom is what many feel his lifestyle will lead him towards and ultimately promotes.

Also, kudos to the Bricksquad General for the Lil Boosie reference. Gotty™ and I appreciate it.

Bonus: For those looking for the first two parts, let’s play catch up. The video for “Rap Game Stressful” is especially eerie considering the recent passing of Slim Dunkin.

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