Wale – “Bait” Video

09.22.11 6 years ago 19 Comments

Everyone scanning the net from work may want to wait before watching Wale’s video for “Bait.” Depending on how you make your bread, watching him and Rick Ross tossing money at broads may not be appropriate protocol. Everyone else without a job or just wasting time, enjoy!

I’m of the firm belief that Wale and friends can get away with playfully wasting money in videos while Jay and Kanye can’t is for one simple reason: they’re spending it on cheap whores and liquor, which is what 85% of common folks would do if they have Monopoly money to live their lives with. The other aforementioned two guys buy paintings and sh*t and there’s just no fun or story to tell behind expensive stuff like that.

The track comes from Wale’s The Eleven One Eleven mixtape, which you can snag here.

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