Did Wale Just Deliver The Fade To A Fan At WWE RAW? Yes. Yes, He Did. Let’s Discuss

03.31.14 4 years ago 22 Comments

Wale is fed up.

He’s been the butt of just about every Twitter joke imaginable, but most of the people insulting him aren’t 30 feet away. One guy clearly thinks Twitter is make believe land so he heckled Wale via tweets until Mr. Folarin took it upon himself to confront the chubby-faced Twit-goon himself and ALLEGEDLY deliver an ALLEGED fade to the ALLEGED heckler ALLEGEDLY.

Oh yeah, all of this happened at Monday Night RAW. And ALLEGEDLY it was not part of the act.

The look on this guy’s face as he convinced himself that Wale would disappear if they didn’t make eye contact is priceless. After being escorted to the back, Wale returned to watch the rest of the event while apparently searching his own name on Twitter like a real G.

Maybe now people will learn that Twitter will get your a$$ laid out if you let them. This is your PSA.

Update: And now, the tape, which can be seen below. Spotted over the Info’s.

Update #2: A day removed from the scuffle, Wale explains his side of what took place. Read it here.

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