Wale – “Golden Salvation (Jesus Piece)” Video

10.01.13 4 years ago 17 Comments

Wale - Golden Salvation Video

Wale’s “Golden Salvation (Jesus Piece)” from The Gifted gets a smart visual, under the direction of Coodie & Chike. The video matches the song’s lyrics, portraying a normal day in the life told through the eyes of his “Golden Salvation.”

However, the kicker has to be Wale’s tweets before releasing the clip yesterday, saying “The message in this video is clear as day. Had it been released when ‘fans’ cared bout creative music and story telling, it would have challenged listeners.. But we live in a time where people have selective hearing.”

extreme eyeroll

Remember how Jay once criticized Nas with the “is it ‘Oochie wally wally’ or is it ‘One Mic’?” line? Well, let us not forget that “Golden Salvation” follows the extra raw visuals for “Clappers” that just dropped the other day.

I’ve always f**ked with Wale the long way but remarks like are what makes it tough to defend him against his critics. The nerve of this lil niglet to act as if we, the listeners, stopped paying attention to lyrics. If anything, the MMG camp stands as one of the contributing culprits who’ve made lyrics less important when they release an endless dribble of same-sounding songs featuring the same artists, same producers, same song structure and same lyrical content. If Folarin wants to get people back into the habit of close listening and making inferences from the music, maybe he should try providing us with more “Salvation” instead of the same old, same old.

And hire Coodie & Chike to create the videos, too.

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