Wale And Rick Ross Want To Buy A Pro Wrestling Company. No, Seriously.

02.29.16 2 years ago 16 Comments

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Words By Marky Mark

I guess being backstage on Monday Night Raw last month inspired Wale to do his best Vince McMahon impression. He tweeted Rick Ross with the idea that they should buy a wrestling company. That’s right, it’ll be like that Cameron Crowe movie, We Bought a Zoo, only much more entertaining and –hopefully- good. Ross agreed and to thicken the plot, Wale tweeted WWE Hall of Famer, legend, and possibly the greatest commentator wrestling has ever seen, Jim Ross. To recruit him to commentate? Or run the business? Or is this just rappers running their mouths and I’m taking this way too seriously?

Wale is definitely serious. His love of wrestling is well documented. Just how serious Rozay is remains to be seen but in the event he is and this is legit, business is about to pick up. It won’t be long before Mr. McMahon is poaching their talent and doing his best to stifle them as valid competition.

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