Wale And Smoke DZA Sound ‘Absolutely Perfect’ Rapping Over Curt Hennig’s Entrance Music

01.12.16 2 years ago 4 Comments
Smoke DZA Wale Absolutely Perfect


I stopped keeping up with professional wrestling many years ago, so I am completely clueless about the current marquee personalities, ever-changing story lines, and rotating stables of athletes who are taking the popularity of the once niche entertainment industry to new, and previously unthinkable, heights. I do, however, remember trying time after time to nail one of my favorites, Curt “Mr. Perfect” Hennig’s, classic spitting-his-gum-out-then-casually-slapping-it-out-of-mid-air maneuver with very little success as a kid.

On “Absolutely Perfect” Wale and Smoke DZA plant their collective flag as the leaders of the burgeoning movement within hip-hop that has proud, longtime, fans like themselves, linking up with others in the hip-hop and wrestling communities to show their love for the sport in new and exciting ways. Produced by long-time DZA collaborator 183rd Music, the track tweaks Mr. Perfect’s entrance music, reminiscent of DZA’s trio of Ringside mixtapes. Add in self-professed smark Wale, who has always injected his rhymes with wrestling lingo and references, and the tag-team duo works together seamlessly.

Look for Hollywood Smoke Hogan and Wale to release more music together along these lines, to serve card carrying #wrasslerap members and casual onlookers alike.

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