Find Out What Makes Wale Tick (And What Ticks Him Off) By Watching ‘The Gifted’ Documentary

wale the gifted documentary

Wale is one of the most interesting success stories in contemporary Hip-Hop, a thesis on re-branding and market synergy waiting to happen. For now though we’ll have to make do with Revolt TV’s career-centric documentary, The Gifted, which tracks Wale’s progression from his early beginnings to the release of his new album this past Tuesday.

Directed by Coodie & Chike and produced by Kareem Johnson, the 30-minute clip delves into Wale’s DMV roots, the influence of Go-Go music on his sound, and the career-altering team-up with MMG (Rick Ross emphatically enunciating his motivation catchphrases: “Wale makes hit rekkids!”).

Wale’s supposed “cult following of haters” will be happy to know that there is also a clip where he solemnly stares into space as negative tweets wash over the screen. So, there’s something for everybody.

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