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Washington Wizards Apologize To “Local Rapper” Wale For Announcer’s Jokes [Bossip]

People In Harlem React To Baauer’s “Harlem Shake” Meme [Hip-Hop Wired]

Rihanna Turns 25, 25 Pics Of Riri With No Clothes [VH1]

White Boys Balling At HBCU’s, And Why That’s Dope As Hell [TSFJ]

Tommy Hilfiger Was Awesome in the ’90s [Complex]

Will Smith’s Brother-In-Law Arrested On Federal Drug Charges [Urban Daily]

Experts Agree Pron Safer Than Shopping Online [Peeperz]

‘Epic Boobs’ Girl Has Returned to the Internet [Sourcefeed]

These Yoga Pants Tumblrs Will Make You Do The Downward Dog [Giant]

What Life Looks Likes Through the Google Glasses [Brobible]

The Science of Pornography Addiction [High Definite]

Rejected Viagra Commercials Are Real And They’re Spectacular [Uproxx]

Senator Fathers Child With Daughter Of Another Senator (And Hid It For 30 Years) [BI]

Move Over Danica Patrick, The Daytona 500 Is All About Christmas Abbott [With Leather]

NFL Logos With A Wee Touch Of British [KSK]

Andy Samberg On The SNL Sketch We’ll Never See [HuffPost Comedy]

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