Wanted: Bloggers

03.08.09 9 years ago 16 Comments

The TSS Crew is looking for three to four new members to help insure that the Fresh stays respectable around these parts by assisting with daily updates.

What and Who We’re Looking For…

— Writers with a witty, conversational tone and distinct voice/style.
— Familiarity with HTML and image editing.
— Bloggers with the time and ability to update multiple times per day. We don’t sleep.
— Some understanding of RSS feeds, Google Alerts, etc.
— An interest in and knowledge of music from different eras and genres; including instrumentation, milestones, production credits, etc. Familiarity with Hip-Hop is a must but knowledge of other genres is a huge plus.
— The ability to self-edit, fact-check and follow existing formatting guidelines, style and procedures already in use at TSS.
— Able to contribute with several posts per week.

What and Who We Aren’t Looking For…

— AP-style dry journalism
— Long-form entries that take hours/days to complete.
— Long-windedness and/or blathering.
— Writers with a penchant for reflection and/or nostalgic posts. We’re looking for the Now.
— Humorlessness.
— Someone lacking self-discipline or motivation.

After we fill these slots, we’ll also be looking for other individuals to join the team, fulfilling the same roles except with a focus on Sports, TV/Movies & a few other arenas.

To answer this call, please email us at TSSWriters@gmail.com. Be sure to include two written samples that can be published immediately. Don’t send us your resume, highlighting your past. Show us something for now, as we all know the internet waits for no one.

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