“Warm It Up Kane, Warm It Kane…”

10.04.08 9 years ago 44 Comments

I can’t front, I’m low-key looking forward to Monday night.

Monday Night Football will get a one week reprieve while I watch VH1 put BET & MTV to shame once again when they air 2008’s installment of the Hip-Hop Honors. I can’t wait to see the performances and see the honorees get their just due.

So I’m gonna share my favorite performance from the show history and, if the post title didn’t give it away, it’s from the 2005 show honoring Big Daddy Kane. To see T.I., Black Thought, Common & Big Daddy Kane (literally) with The Roots backing them is the definition of once in a lifetime. To see Common breakdancing and Black Thought give another reason to believe he’s Kane’s illegitimate son was great.

But Kane stole the show when he finished his verse and lets us know that his rhyme skills isn’t the only thing he’s kept up. When he did the splits at the end made me feel like amped and ashamed of myself all at the same time.

Honorable mention: Salt-N-Pepa Feat. En Vogue – “Whatta Man”

It was like 4th grade all over again when I saw En Vogue together and looking good as ever. Props to Salt-N-Pepa…but I was eyeing En Vogue the whole set.

VH1’s Hip-Hop Honors 2008
airs on Monday October 6th @ 10pm EST.

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