Andre Nickatina – “Money Shark” x “Still Gon’ Ball” Videos

09.15.11 6 years ago 14 Comments

A vast majority of Hip-Hop heads don’t have a clue who Dre Dog is, even though the king of smoking chewy has been going strong for damn near twenty years. And, while the quality is relatively in tact amongst the Bay Area vet’s two newest videos – the brief “Money Shark” and the Messy-Marv-helmed “Still Gon’ Ball” – these are not his biggest selling points even though they might be the most currently relevant.

See, Andre Nickatina needs to embark on a country-wide tour if he really wants to capitalize on his cocaine-rap-filled reputation and library-like catalog. A few of you might be well-aware that this is exactly what he’s supposed to be doing, according to his website and press release. However, what “nationwide tour” doesn’t go east of Oklahoma? Is there not opportunity in New York, ATL or Miami? Shoot, I know ten people in Detroit alone that would pay to see dude’s permed out gas-face. I mean, we might have a reputation, but we’ve got to have more fans than Fargo, North Dakota (which is listed amongst the tour dates), right?

With labels debunked and the independent grind coming strictly from artists’ drive, leaving fans satisfied and money on the table should never be an issue, especially when you’re a so-called “Money Shark.”

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