Watch Dom Kennedy’s ‘Get Home Safely’ Documentary

10.08.13 4 years ago 8 Comments

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If home truly is where the heart is, Dom Kennedy never forgot his.

Karen Civil’s “Civil TV” spent some time in Leimert Park with OPM’s head honcho in a near eight-minute documentary. Despite touring the world and having a lane for his music stretching further than his city’s limits, Dom does everything for Leimert.

What I took away from the clip is that Dom isn’t pressed to be the world’s most popular rapper or most polarizing. Instead, it’s all about the music and impacting whoever it is that takes something away. Such is the reason why – aside from From The Westside, With Love II – all of his projects have been free. But it’s hard to fault a guy for wanting to earn a few pennies off his thoughts.

Get Home Safely somewhat revolves around stepping outside of a box that’s coined him a “summer rapper,” a label he takes pride in because at least it meant people associated parts of their lives were lived through his soundtrack. Whether fans allow him a legit shot to do so is beyond his control and something neither you, him or myself will know until October 15 and beyond.

There was one quote that stuck more than probably any other from he and Civil’s day-long journey. Of finding a passion and receiving the ability to wake up every morning and support yourself and family, Dom said:

“When people say how do what I do? It’s like how do I not do what I do? All these people surviving, you know what I’m saying, selling what they sell, doing what they do and they happy, shit, for the most part. You may not have as much as whoever, but you got what you got and it’s yours, what’s better than that?”

Not much. Not much at all.

Photo: KCTV

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