T.I. – “Girlfriend (Remix)” x “Danny Glover” Freestyle

03.13.14 4 years ago 3 Comments


The truth is, T.I.’s days as a top-tier MC are long gone.

But from a guy who created timeless – in my opinion – music during my late high school and college years, giving dude the benefit of the doubt on most music he releases nowadays is pretty much the least a diehard fan could do.

For Watch The Duck’s “Girlfriend (Remix),” the proof is in the pudding. The patented cockiness remains, as does the flow. Meanwhile, the anticipation surrounding new music from Bankhead’s HNIC has dwindled considerably over the years and this remix will not cause the commotion a track of this nature would have six years ago.

The King still commands a listen, that being said. It’s T.I. for crying out loud. Give his “Danny Glover” experiment a spin, too, since you’re already here.

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