Joe Cool – “I Wanna Sell Drugs” Video

01.11.12 6 years ago 7 Comments

Ever since Joe Cool kicked off our ill-advised money train of thought with his stirring single “I Wanna Sell Drugs,” we’ve wondered which direction the Louisiana MC would take the visual. Well, with one simple prop, Joe shows viewers what the daily pressure feels like, when you’re banking on something that’s equivalent to winning the lottery. Being a rapper is not at all blunts and beauties, people. It’s the grind of a lifetime and there’s no instruction manual to learn from or petty cash fund to pull out of. More so than with most professions, succeeding as an artist takes nothing but complete dedication and self-assurance, as well as a mind’s eye to see your dreams into fruition. And, if you can’t stand the pressure of a barrel to your temple, you might as well take the easy way out and start shopping that work.

But, then again, making some sheckles from slanging a few dime bags never hurt anybody, right?

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