Jon Connor Feat. Pill – “Don’t Fall In Love With A B*tch (Remix)” Video

11.17.11 6 years ago

Men, don’t leave your women around these two guys. As much as Jon Connor and Pill back-up the old adage you can’t turn a ‘ho into a housewife, I have a feeling they’re not opposed to turning housewives into hoes, either. Well, at least that’s what I take from this video for the Maybached-up remix of “Don’t Fall In Love With A Bitch.” Between Connor’s camera phone confessions and P-I-double talking about skeeting and skating, you might just be better off going the DJ-Ill-Will route and cuff your chick.

However, if you do become a sucker for one these guys’ side-chicks, be prepared to pick them up in the middle of nowhere, on a whim.

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