Fan Performs On Stage With Kendrick Lamar, Completes Life

01.24.12 6 years ago 16 Comments

If you haven’t seen this video of Hip-Hop head Kyle Gonzalez getting pulled up on stage with Kendrick to rap “Look For Detox,” you’ve never seen what pure joy looks like. Obviously, this pudgy fan is more than excited to be reciting bars back & forth with his idol. But, the better part is how excited K-Dot is to see someone who may not fit the stereotype of a rap fan reciting one of his most tongue-twisting songs bar for bar, never missing a beat. Ever. Actually, the kid seems even more calm than TDE’s burgeoning superstar, who immediately proceeds to give the kid bottle service and usher him and his crew backstage to round out a night of dreams coming true.

Whether you’re the fan or the artist, it really doesn’t much better than this.

Below, the proof Kyle really did get backstage, where he proceeded to get so caught up in the moment he disregarded everything and everyone to keep on spreading the word about Doc Dre’s mythical album.

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