Watch: Maybach Music Group’s “Self Made Vol. 2” Mini-Documentary

07.23.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

Saddle up for the ride as Kellen Dengler takes everyone along for the ride that was Maybach Music Group’s “NYC take over” aka the promo push for Self Made Vol. 2. Over the course of 37 minutes, we’re treated to all the steps associated with making hard work pay dividends, from the radio spots and TV appearances to the ALIFE performance.

What we also get is a candid glimpse into how the band of misfits make it work. The most redundant question being “how does Stalley fit?,” which both Ross and Stalley directly address. But for a better understanding, an early scene depicts Wale and Stalley talking hoops and kicks*, which they both have a love for and it becomes clear these guys are more alike than different. And the same can be said for “Maybach O” and how he factors into the grand scheme. Plus, Ross tells an offbeat story of how he and French almost went to jail together and it’s one of those moments where he lets down his guard as a persona and proves he’s an actual person.

Without a doubt, what we learn in the end is Ricky Madoff’s team puts in the work to get everything they deserve.

Cred: Pitchfork

*Stalley peeling off the sticker on a deadstock pair of AZGs tho’…

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