Watch: My Morning Jacket & Erykah Badu Perform “Wordless Chorus” Video

06.02.11 6 years ago 4 Comments

Far from being restricted to their Southern rock label, My Morning Jacket showcased their varied musical palette at a recent show in their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. They might not appeal to the regular TSS reader, but their inclusion of Ms. Erykah Badu at the concert might turn some heads on the other side of the musical tracks. Performing their hit, “Wordless Chorus,” the five-piece loom like resuscitated Parliament Funkadelic argonauts in garb and set design. Their kookiness in the Todd Haynes-directed clip matches Badu’s stereotypical eccentricity. However, the soulful stylings of the R&B songstress and the song’s subdued mood give a hushed ambiance to the sold-out auditorium.

The group doesn’t always include such R&B luminaries at shows or on studio tracks but it’d be incorrect to label them as the heirs to Lynard Sknyrd’s dying Southern-fried throne, as Badu’s presence attests to a more complex sound. For greater MMJ exposure, the group’s latest LP, Circuital, is out now.

As an extra, check the duo’s performance of Badu’s “Tyrone.” The footage isn’t nearly as quality but the audio’s fine enough to provide an entertaining listen and take on her hit.

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