Snoop Dogg’s First Pitch At The Padres Game Was Almost As Bad As 50 Cent’s

Contributing Writer
06.08.16 7 Comments

Snoop Dogg is a fairly renowned youth football coach, sports enthusiast, and he was quite the quarterback in his younger days, according to legend. Unfortunately, none of that meant a thing on Wednesday when he was asked to throw a baseball 60 feet in front of thousands of San Diego Padres fans.

Yes, Snoop was tabbed to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Padres game against the Braves in San Diego, Wednesday afternoon. Like most celebrities bestowed the honor, Snoop was decked out in his own personalized Padres jersey with “Coach Snoop” stitched on the back when he started his windup with what was probably a balk. Things only got worse from there as he then proceeded to throw a pitch far enough inside on the imaginary right-handed batter to earn a nice fist to the head from Manny Machado. The pitch sent a cameraman into his evasive maneuvers and broke the announcers into a little chuckle but Uncle Snoop seemed to take it all in stride, immediately posing for a few pictures.

Maybe it was the shades, or maybe just hasn’t thrown a baseball in, forever? Either way it was pretty awful. Not quite 50 Cent bad, but embarrassing nonetheless. Maybe next time they’ll let Snoop toss the pigskin and make things easier for him and the cameramen behind the plate.

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