The Black Opera – “Villians” Video

11.01.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

Spider-Man would probably claim a villain to be someone like The Green Goblin or maybe J. Jonah Jameson. On the other hand, a person like my mom might throw that same negative connotation towards, let’s say, Kim Kardashian. The point is, depending on your point of view, this two-syllable synonym for evil can be just about anyone. In the case of mysterious Hip-Hop faction The Black Opera, not only are “Villains” creatures of poison, they’re also the inspiration behind their new, Halloween-themed video.

Serving as the latest installment from Black Op’s upcoming EnterMission release, this chilling peak into the streets of a faceless city where corruption seeps into the susceptible is utterly captivating, from both a visual and audible point of view. Aside from being completely shook by the contextual brashness on film, the Scooby-Doo-theme-sounding song itself is chocked full of so much social angst, listeners are left looking over their shoulder, even if on sitting on the couch in their living room.

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