Watch The Three Minute “Prometheus” Movie Trailer

04.30.12 5 years ago 13 Comments

Ridley Scott returns to the arena that made him famous with Prometheus, set in the same universe as the beloved Alien franchise. Early footage, including this three minute trailer, is extremely encouraging. The film looks to share a lot in common with its predecessor, a definitive name in both horror and science fiction. And the names attached inspire nothing but confidence. Between up-and-coming star Michael Fassbender, Wire tough guy Idris Elba and Oscar winner Charlize Theron, there isn’t a weak link in the bunch.

The only reason to have hesitation about Prometheus is Scott’s recent track record; 2007’s American Gangster is a classic, but Body of Lies and Robinhood were both incredibly disappointing, sharing the same kind of drawn-out, boring DNA. Everything about Scott’s latest looks like an excellent film, but then, how much can you really say about a three minute trailer? I’m guessing (or hoping) that Scott returns to form, for his sake, and the sake of what could be a cool, new take on the franchise.

Prometheus hits theaters June 8th.

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