Watch VH1’s “Behind The Music” With Nas

04.18.12 5 years ago 27 Comments

In case you missed it, VH1’s “Behind The Music” with Nas just aired and, even though I only caught the tail-end, the episode didn’t disappoint. And thankfully, Def Jam was on their deen (shoutout to Nello for the assist) and had the episode up on their site no sooner than the closing credits ran across the screen. Nas’ hard time coping with his mom’s death? Reconciling with his pops? The battles with Jay* and their reconciliation? The ups and downs with Kelis**? It’s all in here.

*We’ve already addressed the Nas Vs. Jay battle countless times and my answer will always be that Nas won.

**For the record, I hate Kelis so much right now. Spent the money? Ducked out with the baby? The definition of ratchet.

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