Kill Some Time By Checking Out Jason Goldwatch And 13th Witness Explore Stuff In Houston, New Orleans

03.25.14 4 years ago 5 Comments
Bun B 13th Wonder WatchxWonder


People love to kill time. It’s an innate human quality, like sh*tting or breathing. Everyone has his or her preferred method, and for people who use up those minutes–or hour–at work trolling YouTube or social media feeds for photography and/or stunning video, then check this out.

Mass Appeal’s photography collective of Jason Goldwatch and 13th Witness have a series, WatchxWitness, where they just go exploring weird, out-there stuff. In the episode that you’ll find below, the duo head to Houston to kick it with the trillest of them all, Bun B, then jet up the Gulf Coast to New Orleans. In it you’ll also find some of the best fried chicken food porn this guy’s seen, abandoned theme parks and the eccentric sites, sounds and people of the Gulf’s largest cities.

That’s pretty much it. The video doesn’t even feature that much dialogue outside snippets featured in certain shots. Really, it’s just completely arresting watching and well worth delaying the emails over.

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