We Are The Process Summer ’12 Collection

09.02.12 5 years ago 2 Comments

A little late on sharing the news about We Are The Process’ summer 2012 collection that released a few weeks ago, but that’s alright. In most areas, it’s still hot as the devil and polos, t-shirts and shorts are still part of the daily operation. With the tagline “The End Is Now,” WATP’s latest collection plays off the apocalyptic notion that we’re at the world’s set to close up shop soon and the motif finds its way into each piece of the collection – from the standard slogan tee to the horrific “Hitchcock” joint.

There’s also a new addition to The Process’ offerings, the “Doomsday” watch, created in collaboration with TIKKR Watch, although I’m not sure why one would need a watch if Armageddon was indeed on the horizon. Maybe it’s like how your mom always advised us to wear clean underwear in case we were in an accident, you know, for the sake of appearances.

A handful of images of the lookbook included below but definitely make the trip over to the WATP webstore to peruse the full collection and purchase.

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