We Like SPIN & Childish Gambino

05.11.11 6 years ago 19 Comments

Respect due to SPIN for recognizing our work here at TSS and David D’s amazing headline. In 2011, receiving any credit for your work from other outlets is virtually nonexistent. Rap blogs and other “urban” media straight up jack your shit like nobody’s business. With clear conscience, they will repost a mp3 or a certain article as if they really happened to be in the know about some randomly, obscure piece of subject matter as the same time we were. Yeah, right. Meanwhile, “other media” outlets silently read but never actually acknowledge us. Instead, they poach the posted material. Before they were your media darlings, they were our underdogs.

They’re all thieving assholes, but not SPIN. We now like SPIN and they are friends of ours. You talk about SPIN and we’re liable to give you a swift kick in the seat of your pants.

Currently, there’s an excerpt of Childish Gambino’s feature posted on the site while the May issue contains the full article and is available now for the iPad and on newsstands.

H/T: Brando

PS — We f*ck with Shake and Meka too. Real recognize real.

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