We Them Superstars…

10.02.06 11 years ago 34 Comments

Damn Max…

News video clip

My dude could most definitely be going back behind bars if this is true considering he hasn’t been that long coming off an 8 year bid. A convicted felon facin three felony charges? Not a good look.

Those Smack dvd appearances will prolly get some heavy rotation if copies end up in the DA’s hands.

Outside of Cam, Jimmy and Juelz, it is pretty much a safe assumption to think that no one else in the Dips is cakin.

But to be runnin around planning stickups with chicks? SMH.

Taking the little cash he may have made, living comfortable and counting on potential future earnings > a $30K lick.


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Smokey Robinson & the Miracles-Ooo Baby Baby: The Anthology

Spice 1-The Truth

Ice Cube-The Predator

Spice 1-The Ridah

Turf Talk-The Street Novelist

Cypress Hill-Stoned Raiders

Ras Kass-Soul on Ice

Casual-Smash Rockwell

Group Home – Livin’ Proof

Heavy D & The Boyz – Livin’ Large

Heavy D & The Boyz – Big Tyme

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