Julia Beverly & The Greatest Webbie Interview Of All Time

11.05.11 6 years ago 44 Comments

Depending on financial security, most people never wear the same suit twice. When you’re Webbie and in the middle of one of the greatest album promotion runs in recent memory, you never wear the same boxers more than once. Hence the reason for his Wal-Mart run which Julia Beverly of Ozone Magazine was there to film the entire experience. Trust me when I say this: it is in your best interest to click play.

In case you need Cliff Notes from both videos, however, I’ve got you covered. And as a disclaimer, I’ve long been a fan of Webbie’s music. Having some fun with this interview was impossible to avoid though. God bless Julia, her camera and Webbie’s openness.

— Apparently, Boosie is doing just fine in the belly of the beast. I think. I’m pretty sure that’s what Webbie said. He seemed to be more concerned about what slippers to buy though.

— All the Walmart female workers love Young Savage.

— “Get ya hoe, mayne” is quickly becoming one of the staple phrases from 2011.

— Webbie, with the assistance of a female Wally World employee, reenacts the entire 106 & Park scene involving Rocsi. And once he’s finished, you’ll be even more confused than you were before.

— Julia asks Webbie how many kids he has. His response? “All of ’em. A hundred. Million. 10 Million. However many of ’em in the world.” Proof that the understudy of Pimp C is the second coming of Michael Jackson.

As for part two, Webbie offers his views on several topics. There’s something about interview questions and his kids peeing in the bed, but beyond that the quotables continue. There hasn’t been a gold rush like this since the one in California back in the 1850’s.

— Saying “I got a big dick” was a metaphor. For what, I’m not sure.

— The debate gets heated when Julia and Savage go back and forth about voting and Obama. Beverly says she voted for the President. Webbie says he didn’t, but encouraged people to go vote while appearing on TV. So, essentially, he voted in 50 different states. Sorry, Julia. Webbie wins this battle of the brains.

— His response to the Occupy Wall Street question could be the funniest moment from the entire interview.

— Louisiana has recovered from Katrina. But then again it hasn’t.

— Ten years later, Webbie still thinks 9/11 is a conspiracy. That was only after confirming what 9/11 actually was though. His political views eventually ended up getting he and Julia kicked out of Walmart.

— Webbie’s not even sure who runs his Twitter account.

I’m telling you. This is 25 minutes well worth spent on YouTube. Savage Life 3 in stores November 15, people. If nothing else, I’m copping the album based off this one interview.


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