Webbie Talks Tossing Salad, Healthcare, Smashing A Young Fan’s Mom And More

11.12.13 4 years ago 19 Comments

The title may be redundant, but the truth only knows one way to express itself.

In 50 years, when our grand and great-grandchildren look back on rap and discuss its importance, one can only hope Webbie receives his just due.

Young Savage recently stopped by Boss Lady and DJ Steel’s “The Threesome” on Sirius XM where he was instantly tossed a fair share of X-rated questions. Truth be told, Webbie makes any topic seem captivating. So when Boss and Steel began asking him some truly raunchy stuff, let’s just say nonstop hilarity ensues.

Without ruining it for the world, simply wait until he speaks about a certain birthday party. It’s well worth the wait and price of admission to hear rap’s trillest poet laureate navigate the story in ways only a seasoned author or journalist could fantasize.

And the quotables? Sweet mother of pearls, the quotables!

Exhibit A, on healthcare:

Webbie: You know I ain’t lettin’ nothing play round there. For real, I was with my people the other day and they talking ’bout when people grow up they get a tube stuck in they ass to clean it out or some shit. Boyyy, I ain’t never doing that shit.

My fuckin’ body just gon’ be fucked up. Fuck that. Most of my niggas died young anyway.

Or Exhibit B, on infidelity:

Steel: If you could be certain your girl would never find out that you had sex with one of her friends, would you do it?

Webbie: Oh, I can’t answer that ’cause I’m already in some shit. Man, you bout to crank up the house again! Hey, man, I wish you ain’t even ask that. **imitating his girl’s voice** ‘I know why you ain’t answer! I know why you ain’t answer!’ You just don’t know what you just did, bruh!”

Savage Life 4 drops November 19. And if we’re lucky, all of the bonus tracks are his thoughts on current events. Webbie’s the greatest, most entertaining and ignorantly honest interview subject in rap currently.* Such has been the case for quite some time, too.

He hasn’t disappointed in over four years and with Boosie scheduled to touch down in 2014, as God as my witness, the moment an interview with those two together hits the Internet, I’m downloading and saving it as my phone’s alarm clock for the rest of my natural born life.

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