Webbie Continues Run As Rap’s Greatest Interview Subject With The Breakfast Club

07.18.13 4 years ago 22 Comments

Webbie: You got a boyfriend? A husband?

Angela Yee: Yeah.

Webbie: No, you don’t.

The argument can be made there is nothing more consistent in Hip-Hop than a Webbie interview.

Boosie’s brother-in-rhyme stopped by this morning to chop it up with the best morning show interviewers in the land in Power 105’s The Breakfast Club. Topics included Trayvon Martin – which might surprise you his take is somewhat similar to Bill Cosby’s – to Lil Boosie’s prison stint, to an alleged altercation he had in Chicago, to the importance of Ghetto Stories to whatever it is he felt like speaking on.

God bless, Webbie. And I mean that with all the sincerity in the world. I like rap with Webbie around. The music may not be a runaway success, but buddy is about as genuine as we’ve got in our culture. Is it ignorant? Hell yeah. Is it difficult to understand him at times? Yep. But never can anyone say Young Savage isn’t being himself.

Enough of the sentimental crap, though. There’s tons of wild stories like how his dog attacked his son one time and how he identifies with his new profession as a preacher (no, really). But his answer to Charlamagne’s question of what albums he’s listening to is so left field that it damn near makes sense. Seriously, man, God bless this guy. I love the music, but some company needs to book a nationwide interview tour and sell the audio as a motivational CD on iTunes.

Savage Life 4 hits stores October 1.

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