Webbie Talks Anti-Tossing Salad (Again), Obamacare, Michael Jackson & More With The Breakfast Club

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While many were busy getting their panties in a bunch over Trinidad James’ comments about the state of New York Hip-Hop, another rapper from below the Mason-Dixon line continued running through the Big Apple on a promotional tour.

There aren’t many videos worth sitting through 23 minutes for. But when the combination includes Webbie + The Breakfast Club trio, consider an exception to the rule found. Piggybacking from his sit down with Boss Lady and DJ Steel yesterday, the topic of tossing salad arises again, only this time with a twist. Oprah is brought into equation, and despite the financial security of Mama Winfrey, Young Savage’s stance on the subject remains true.

Moving forward, the hilarity fails to ease up as Webbie reveals something horrible happened to him last night with “two thick stallions,” he has every episode of The Jeffersons and Good Times (possibly The Wayans Brothers, too), but has no interest whatsoever in Love & Hip-Hop-anything. Webbie’s also huge fans of LeBron James and Baton Rouge native Glen Davis, yet admits he has not the first clue who Kim Kardashian or Kendrick Lamar are or what they do (despite soon saying he has no interest in a Kendrick/Drake beef because that’s not “beef” anyway).

In all honestly, I’m running out of ways to say “Webbie’s interviews are great,” “He’s the modern day version of a Renaissance painter (with words),” “Webbie For Attorney General” or “Webbie’s wisdom can cure clinical depression.” Someone’s going to make a lot of money – or at least enough to pay off a few months of student loan payments – shooting a documentary about the life of Webbie. How can I be so sure of this? Simple. The man is still, for the most part, an untapped goldmine of information, comedy, life lessons and – you got it – quotes!

On Obamacare:

Charlamagne: What you think about Obamacare?

Webbie: I really don’t think nobody care, man. Cause look, with this Obama thing, that was the first Black President. I know me and my people, we walked around, we screamed Obama, first Black President, whatever. I’m ridin’! Let’s roll! Let’s go! But damn they say you gon’ either be rich or you gon’ be poor. I got to pay more money for taxes and they say that’s how the Obamacare work. I say, ‘Damn, Obama, what we doin’?’ But I’m still with it! I’ll keep him in there. Straight up. Cause I’m ridin’ and when I ride, I ride to the wheels fall off.

On Michael Jackson:

Webbie: Michael Jackson, man. Y’all don’t know nothing about Mike. If you don’t like Mike, you crazy. If you don’t love Mike, shoot yourself.

Charlamagne: You think Michael was touching them little boys, man?

Webbie: Yeah.

Charlamagne: That don’t make you love him no less?

Webbie: I love him for what I know. I mean, he ain’t touch me and he ain’t touchin’ none of my muthafuckin’ kids. Get his ass killed! Oh, he already dead. I’ll go to heaven and kill his his mothafuckin’ ass! Fuck that! You know that’s serious, man. But yeah, shout out to Janet Jackson, his whole family. I like Joe. Joe a pimp, boy. Joe a thug, man.

Savage Life 4 in stores November 19, ladies and gentlemen. And don’t you dare forget it.

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