Webbie Really Does Live A Savage Life

04.13.11 6 years ago 28 Comments

From last week:

Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper Webbie was arrested Monday night (April 4) in Tennessee just south of Nashville in Marshall County after highway patrol officers pulled over his rented 2010 Nissan Altima following a show in Kentucky the night before, discovering two ounces of marijuana and $13,240 in a cardboard box in his lap.

Police officials also say that Webbie, the front seat passenger, tossed marijuana out of the window. He was arrested on drug possession and evidence tampering charges but members of his entourage encountered legal issues of their own.

The driver of the rental, Derric Watson, was charged with driving with a suspended license and another passenger, Michael Abbot, was charged with carrying a loaded .357 revolver and was in possession of $916 in cash. A fourth passenger, Tyrone Terrio, was charged with marijuana possession. The 25-year old Webbie, born Webster Gradney, Jr., was held overnight on a $21,000 bond at Marshall County Jail along with the other passengers. [MTV]

Not exactly the greatest news in the world if you happen to be a supporter of Trill Fam. Any day now Savage Life 3 will be released and Gotty™ and myself will play it until our respective tape decks combust. Until then, random leaks and mixtape cuts will must suffice because the future forecast shows no signs of any formidable system on the Doppler Radar. The good people at Dirty Glove Bastard struck gold when they recently uploaded a trio of tracks from Young Webster. With a trip to Atlanta staring me in the face this weekend, one of these have to be replay-worthy enough for the journey. It’s either that or find my copy of Ghetto Stories and call it a day.


Webbie – “Made N*gga”


Webbie – “Been There”


Webbie Feat. Lil Phat – “What’s Happenin'”

Update: I agree with my good buddy Matt Fastow.

Bonus: At the beginning of the month, Webbie had a show at Blackman’s Plaza in St. Louis which abruptly ended after altercations broke out. Where some guys were getting stomped out, pistol whipped and beat with chairs by guys with black and milds in their mouth (all this is on tape), one security guard – possibly the trillest – took matters into his own hands and began whooping ass and taking names. It’s almost like he had been waiting for this moment his entire life and seized the opportunity. He even threw a reverse Rock Bottom on a dude for good measure. If Yung Berg had this guy, he’d have the aura of a 1990’s Suge Knight.

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