Well$ – MTSYD: The Revenge Of The African Booty Scratcher Mixtape

05.20.14 3 years ago 5 Comments

wells MTSYD mixtape cover

These days, most rappers are vivid, but merely in punchline form. Verses become Family Guy episodes, full of formulaic and quick-hitting one-liners that inevitably rattle your gut from their nostalgia, but get old after repeat views and burn out completely over time.

Thankfully, WELL$ is far from your average MC, which MTSYD: The Revenge of the African Booty Scratcher makes very clear. However, the first full release from this enigmatic 19-year-old North Carolina rapper displays much more than cohesiveness and above average production. This album-esque, 15 track project is packed with songs so involved certain top tier rappers wouldn’t even know how to conceptualize them, let alone write them.

The all too real “Cercle Vicieux (Vicious Circle)” dispels the differences between true go getters and people who let bad habits hold them back. The eery “Black Widow” finds WELL$ breaking down the daily of a troubled female, resorting to pole work. “Major Paine” speaks on the perils of fatherhood, when having kids requires non-stop grinding and never actually seeing them. Maybe most notably, the twisted single “Lil Tommy” eerily depicts the downfall of someone who decides to take out his aggression in the most horrendous fashion possible. The details in each of these hard-hitting tracks are so specific, there seem to be no song writing limitations from this NC MC’s assertive imagination.

Case in point, Well$ can even deliver better boastful cuts than most. On emotionally-charged bangers like “GastonTwo09nine” and “Django,” the driven upstart charges uphill, backing up grind talk with rational justification and disregard for anyone in his way. He doesn’t just tell listeners he wants success, he tells listeners why he deserves it. More importantly, that aforementioned attention to detail makes his vision believable.

For a debut, WELL$ knocked MTSYD: TROTABS out of the park. Not only did he deliver an advanced offering, warranting repeat listens for multiple reasons, the passionate rhymer proved his long-term potential might even be more promising.

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