We’re Getting Closer…

09.27.08 9 years ago 25 Comments

If the object of the game was to find every way but the right way solve a problem, the labels would be more prolific than Encyclopedia Brown, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys combined!

The four major record labels, along with leading U.S. retailers and memory card maker SanDisk on Monday introduced a new music format, where microSD cards will come pre-loaded with DRM-free MP3 albums from top artists. The “slotMusic” cards will be playable in mobile phones and MP3 players that support microSD cards — which excludes Apple’s iPod — as well as on any computer with a USB port and a number of in-car systems.

I like how they think they’re so slick putting music in a form that isn’t compatible with the iPod like people can’t find a way to put it on one. For me it would actually be easier than ripping a CD since I had both SD and MS slots right on the laptop. Sadly, their reasoning for this is that cell phones are being sold at a faster pace than MP3 players. With that logic, they should’ve gone digital years ago with CD sales declining.

Sony, BMG, Universal Music, EMI and Warner Music will be able to pack songs, liner notes, album art, videos and other content on the 1GB slotMusic cards, which will also allow users to add their own content.

The silver lining and only reason I may give this a chance is that they’re gonna include the liner notes and album art on the cards. Those are the only reasons I buy CD’s today and the minute they stop including those is the day I’ll stop buying music. Plus getting 1GB miniSD cards for $7 – $10 isn’t bad either. The moment I lose one of those bad boys will not be good though and I know that will happen.

The labels need to hurry up and start selling us music online. All they’re doing is delaying the inevitable and this is only one step away from it.

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