Listen To A Future-Only Version Of ‘What A Time To Be Alive’

10.26.15 2 years ago 10 Comments


Still listening to What A Time To Be Alive? Of course you are since not many major releases have dropped since Drake and Future’s joint body of work fell from the Apple tree with little to no warning. In the time sense, I have slowly begun to really rock with Future more than before. Don’t get it twisted – I was neither a Hive member nor a hater. Certain songs appealed to me while others just didn’t. What’s different about WATTBA is that I found myself liking his solo track “Jersey” the most out of all the songs, followed by “Diamonds Dancing” and “Jumpman,” with Metro Boomin’s work behind the board being a big help and Future making a better effort to avoid mumbling through his verses. In fact, the project’s the first time where I liked a bulk of Hendrix’s material.

The part of the album I was surprised that I wasn’t as impressed by was Drake. Nothing against Serena’s bae but he sounded out of his element when trying to tiptoe around the trap sounds Future and Metro relish in. So, I asked a friend to try an experiment: give me a Future-only version of the project. The end result is below and you’ll here 20+ minutes of What A Time… without Drake holding things up with his verses. And before anyone gets in their feelings, the original version of the album is still available for you to enjoy. With Drake included. If you’re into that sort of thing.

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