“What Does My Girl Say?” Kerry Washington Hosts ‘SNL’

11.03.13 4 years ago 23 Comments

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Sometimes I feel like my Black woman card should be revoked for not giving a heck about issues we’re facing, namely the SNL’s lack of a Black female cast member issue. I have searched far and wide, high and low, combed through the squiggles of my brain with a fine tooth comb, looking for a particle of f**k to give but I just can’t seem to find it. Dropping a Wire reference, it ain’t in me no mo’.

Unless I’m told of a funny skit I should watch, SNL isn’t must-see TV for me. Or even must-see-if-nothing-is-on TV for that matter. So I can’t even boycott the sh*t. But to everyone who got up in Lorne Michael’s grill about SNL’s lack of diversity, congrats because the show had Kerry Washington hosting Saturday night. Yay, patronization!

For the purpose of this post (and to punish myself for any wrongdoing I might’ve done during the week), I checked out some of Kerry’s sketches and…meh, I guess. Maybe I’m being overly harsh but the opening scene making fun of the elephant in the room was okay at best. Kerry as an Ugandan beauty queen was as flat as month-old soda. Kerry as the Spelman political science professor got some LOLs from me. Actually, that whole skit was entertaining. #nailedit. Kerry portrayal of a teacher was blah. Kerry as a hoodrat sidekick got a side-eye.

But one (and possibly the only) highlight of her appearance was “The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)” parody sketch “My Girl (What Does My Girl Say)” I laughed. Yeah, okay, the Jealous Black Girlfriend is a stereotype but I lawled pretty goddamn hard. SNL, you sly motherf*ckers!

Check it out below. And just because, peep the Shaq & Barkley skit if you’ve ever wanted to see Of Mice & Men.

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