What If Lil Wayne Goes To Jail?

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10.21.09 44 Comments

So, hearing the words “The State Vs. Dwayne Carter” aren’t that odd as Wayne has caught a laundry list of cases the past couple of years. Yet, the Martian is due in court today for DNA testing. Not for paternity, but to establish his connection to a gun case in NY. Yeah, deny that gun belongs to you and we’ll CSI that ass to determine if it is/isn’t, you little rapper you. Now, we all know NY doesn’t bar pistol play, word to Plax doing time behind bars, and Weezer could face 3 ½ years in the pokey (||) if he’s convicted.

Not wishing ill will on the man (never that), but the question is how would this affect rap music is Wayne did go away for a calendar or two?

UPDATE — According to AHH, it looks like Weezy F. just may be going to jail, to the tune of eight months. DNA’s a mother for ya.

“Wayne is going to plead guilty,” a source close to the case told AllHipHop.com, stressing that this was definitely going to happen. The rapper pleaded not guilty at press time and has yet to make any such public declaration. “The date is coming up and he’s going to do it tomorrow.”

Wayne is rumored to be willing to accept the deal to avoid a long term in jail over the gun. The same source said the term will begin in February of 2010 under the terms of the deal. “If he doesn’t plead, he goes to jail for a long time,” the source said.

Below is a random smattering of rapper names who did spend a few years @ the Crowbar Hotel.

T.I. — It only bolstered his street cred…or lessened it if you’re of the school of thought that believes that he cut a deal. Whatever the case, a year and change in jail is nothing but a break in between albums. Unless he sheds his prison garb and emerges a deranged individual changed by time spent, he shouldn’t miss a step.

Shyne — I still think Puff deserves to do some jail time, partially for his role in the shooting that landed Shyne in jail and ultimately derailing a potentially great career. And now upon release, Shyne is facing deportation.

Slick Rick — If anyone could serve as Shyne’s paid advisor, Rick would be the man. He fought the (deportation) law and finally won, all after doing a couple of years of an imposed vacation. And he still has all his jewelry. Legend intact…but imagine how much more productive he could have been had he not gone to jail.

Foxy Brown — Blah. Her career fell off the radar once Jay stopped writing her verses. Next!

Max B. — The wave fizzled and, since he’s facing football numbers, I don’t see it resurfacing any time soon.

Ras Kass — Since his name wasn’t ringin’ bells before, he was unaffected. On a personal level, I always hoped that he took the time to sober up and check himself before he wrecked himself. Since reemerging, he’s been on a fairly focused tear. Which would be the direct opposite of…

DMX — Lord give us a sign that X’s ass has learned anything from his time in jail. Lord? Anyone? Bueller? Oh, now I hear you Damien.

Soulja BoyWell, he did catch a minor charge a few weeks ago. His career would suffer, as I assume they don’t allow Youtube or webcams in the system.

Lil Kim — She’s not a snitch so her street credibility should be intact. Too bad her original body features aren’t.

Gucci Mane — Gucci seems to be a typical Southerner raised in part by the streets. Do a little time in, go to jail for the winter then come home during the summer to a nice BBQ in his honor. Not a step lost because, again like any other Southern hustler, he goes hard while he’s free, creating enough material to outlast any jail stint.

C-Murder, Mystikal, Mac — No Limit’s tank dogs…yeah, you know the story. Add in Turk (the Cash Money rapper, not the TSS commenter) and Louisiana has an all-state team of rappers.

Remy Ma — Will likely emerge from jail to hop on a remix with Papoose.

Lil Boosie — With an upcoming bid to face, let us all pray for Bad Azz’s sake that no one in the joint has access to the net, lest they may have read his aversion for anal action (||). Sidebar — I still find myself driving down the street some days, then thinking “He said he sticks pills up they booty.” Dah well.

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