What’s Beef?: The Ohio State University Sacrifices Jim Tressel

07.08.11 7 years ago 6 Comments

Prior to today, most knew that Ohio State’s best bet was to punish themselves and then throw themselves at the mercy of the NCAA in hopes the football program wouldn’t be hurled into SMU nether regions. According to the Columbus Dispatch, OSU pretty much bowed to the NCAA in their official response to the violations aimed at them. Gone will be the 2010 football season with its 12 wins, a Big Ten championship and Sugar Bowl victory. In addition to vacating past W’s, the university placed itself on two years of future probation as well. Probably a good start but we’ll wait to see what NCAA officials say in response.

But the most crass thing the university did was lay the blame squarely on the shoulders of former head coach Jim Tressel.

“The responsibility is upon Tressel. No other institutional personnel were aware” of the violations, and the former coach failed in his obligation to report them, the response says. “The institution is embarrassed by the actions of Tressel.”

Yes, because no one else at The Ohio State University had any idea of what was going on except for Tressel?


If that’s the case, two thoughts come to mind: accountability and lack of control. If OSU takes no accountability that would imply lack of control. If there’s no control, then the NCAA should and most likely will drop the hammer.

In the meanwhile, you stay classy, OSU. After today’s actions, I’d pull a G-Money if I were Tressel.

[Columbus Dispatch]

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