What’s On My iPod: Fadia Kader

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One phone call from Fadia Kader proved her power to me before I even met her.

A few years ago, an Atlanta printing press tried to swindle TSS out of cash when we were trying to produce a run of tees. A friend suggested that I holler at Fadia, and so I did. On some mafia steez, this mystery woman made one phone call and then emailed me that it was handled. Said printing press returned the cash within 48 hours and apologized profusely. That’s just a hint of why Fa’s one-line bio reads “Jill of all trades playing side-by-side with the Jacks.”

She straight up has her hand on everything in ATL. Name a show, she’s involved. Name an artist, she’s worked with them in some capacity. Pick a brand that has a billboard or billing at an event, she probably brought them there.

What I’ve grown to know and love about her is that she’s able to don several hats, connecting brands and artists to a wide array of fans. Fadia’s right smack dab in the middle of most events that go down in Atlanta. She’s the straw that stirs the drink, bringing together unlikely corporate sponsorships with artists, coordinating events like Broke $ Boujee (Atlanta & Chicago), the A3C Hip-Hop Festival and the Perfect Attendance showcase (Atlanta, ATX and beyond)…oh yeah, she manages Hollyweerd and Bosco, and works closely with YelaWolf’s camp. While she’s not necessarily seen, she’s definitely heard in the city’s musical identity.

And now, we get a peek into what she listens to when she’s not looking to break the next big thing.

Ali Farka Touré With Ry Cooder – “Ai Du”

If there was a song that just dripped sex and passion, this would be it. There is nothing like Malian Blues. Especially with Ry Cooder side by side with Touré. You feel the intensity and revel in the smoke by just listening to this track.

Mos Def – “The Beggar”

Other than me having a real lame high school crush on Mos, this soulful ballad with elements of Rock makes you want to hit that repeat button, especially when you listen in on that 4:25 mark. Cause I know that we have alllllll felt like that at a certain point. My man can call me “Woman” any day if he just sings this to me and puts as much passion in it.

James Brown & Luciano Pavarotti – “It’s A Man’s World (Live)”

“A man might be the head of the family, but the woman is the neck that turns it all around.” Adding Luciano to this just makes it that much more powerful. Sometimes I send this song out to some of my “male colleagues” as a friendly reminder. We all need reminders from time to time.

Michael Franks – “Nightmoves”

Michael Franks would have been a great rapper in my humble opinion.

FKi – “Red Cup”

Love this duo out of the A! With in-house production, they’re not scared to have fun in hip-hop. That’s an element I think is missing nowadays. “Why so serious?” FKi is the perfect blend of New Atlanta: they make fun party music while respecting where they come from and where they are going.

Bosco – “Ragdoll”

I listen to this song daily to remind me of why I work with Bosco. She’s not scared to be herself and step out of the box that everyone is so adamant about placing her in. If you have never seen Bosco live, well this song is probably the closest thing in sound of what you may expect.

Hollyweerd – “I Wanna Meet Her” (Prod. By Spree Wilson)

One group with so much talent in ALL aspects is rare to find. One of my fave off their latest Don Cannon tape produced by Spree Wilson, one of my favorite artists/producers. I highly suggest getting familiar with both artists.

The Beach Boys – “God Only Knows”

Pet Sounds is probably in my top 10 list. Growing up overseas, this song embodied the “Age of Innocence” we all thought still existed in the States. We all thought that things were still in that ’50s/’60s mode and the soundtrack was provided by the Beach Boys. And on the “Fact Nerd” tip, I always thought it was interesting that this is the first pop song to ever use the word “God” in the title. Random, I know.

John Coltrane – “Round Midnight”

I always had this vision that while living in NYC this would be the constant soundtrack playing in the background. On some cinematic, “New York State of Mind”-type feel. Clearly that was not the case. But I have to admit, there is nothing like walking through the streets of New York with some jazz playing. You feel transported to another time.

Cat Power – “The Greatest”

Atlanta might be known for Hip Hop and R&B, being that we are supposedly the “Black Hollywood of the South.” But we have an amazing Indie Rock scene in ATL as well and this lady is one of my favorites that emerged from the scene. I absolutely love this song.

Diamond District – “Off The Late Night”

HUGE fan of these guys, especially Oddisee. I can listen to his instrumentals alone on any given day. Much respect.

Fairuz – “Maidirt Anseek (Zaaly Tawal)”

Fairuz is an amazing Lebanese folk singer and living legend. This reminds me of being home in the Middle East on a Friday Morning (our Sundays) and I swear, just like how you can hear the prayer calls, I guarantee all surrounding neighbors were blasting her music. This brings back happy memories of my childhood never understanding why adults were so obsessed with her. Needless to say, I fully understand now. Fairuz sings about political uprising, love, loss, national pride and day to day struggles we all face.

Led Zeppelin – “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”

Can’t really go wrong with classic Rock. Jimmy Paige is by far one of the greatest living guitarists. Actually folks should watch It Might Get Loud, a documentary featuring Jack White, Jimmy and The Edge about the history of the electric guitar.

To keep track of Fadia, follow her at Twitter.com/FadiaKader until Fall 2010 relaunch of both ComeUpKids.com and the creative services label Domino Effect Development.

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