QoTD: What’s The Drunkest You’ve Been At An Office Christmas Party?

12.07.12 5 years ago 31 Comments

With the holidays right around the corner, workplace parties are sprouting up. Usually they feature an abundance of flowing liquor, but more often than not, employees stay wary of the Black Label, choosing to keep their wits rather than risk straying to the unprofessional side and accidentally being ingrained into office folklore for eternity.

For my work, the story goes like this. Last year at our Christmas banquet, an associate was taking full advantage of the open bar, when he noticed the managing partner wasn’t drinking. He then walked up to him (and his family) and proceeded to say something to the effect of, “Why aren’t you drinking, homie? It’s an open bar, it’s all free!” to which the partner replied, “I’m paying for it, you buffoon.” And now, unsurprisingly, we don’t have an open bar this year.

So, with all that (and of course your own experiences) in mind, how drunk have you gotten at an office party? For that matter, is it even okay drink in that situation?

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